FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

We are based at Suite 1-3, The Hop Exchange, 24 Southwark Street, London, SE1 1TY and operate in the Greater London and South London geographic area. Our telephone number is 020 7407 7704.

We have over 30 years of experience of working with CCGs, local authorities and the private sector in the community to identify, evaluate and implement family needs. Our paediatric Clinical Nursing Team is aided by a vastly experienced team of Clinical Educators, Compliance and Rota Managers.

We adhere to the legal framework contained in “Working Together to Safeguard Children (2015) and the “Children and Families Act 2014”.

Focused Healthcare has an important role in safeguarding children and young people who may be at risk of abuse and neglect. The overarching objective for Focused Healthcare is to enable children, young people and vulnerable adults to live a life free from abuse or neglect. This cannot be achieve by a single agency. Focused Healthcare is committed to partnership working and acknowledge that every organisation and person who comes into contact with a child and young person has a responsibility and role to play in order to keep children and young people safe across the life span.

After receiving an enquiry from commissioners we conduct full risk and environmental assessments of the child’s needs. These risk assessments include a full review of case notes, meeting with the child and family, visits to hospital wards where applicable and allied professional meetings. All home visits include listening to family members concerns and desired outcomes.

All Focused Healthcare Clinical Nurse Managers have extensive experience of children’s services in the acute sector and the community. You can expect your Clinical Nurse Manager to act as an advocate and adhere to Ann Casey’s “Family Centred Care” model of working. The ethos of this is partnership working and close collaboration between the child, family and multi agency professionals.

Focused Healthcare believes in partnership working with all families and at all times we will respect family’s morals, values and beliefs. Our philosophy of listening promotes open and honest communication with children and families. Translated care plans are used where appropriate to improve communication between families and Focused Healthcare.

We will ask the family to enter into a family partnership agreement. This agreement describes the service delivery from Focused Healthcare and defines roles, responsibilities and expectations for care staff and family.

You can cancel arranged care by contacting our office on out-of-hours on-call service at any time. Cancellation within 48 hours of the commencement of care will be charged and care should be cancelled directly with our office.

Our minimum shift length is four hours. We will always work with service providers and families to deliver an efficient care service that is bespoke, flexible and uses hours of care to best advantage of the family and child.

Generally hours cannot be banked where respite is provided. Depending on your commissioner, in certain circumstances your care package may go with your child hospital admission and in all cases your carer will escort you to A&E if your child is unwell.

Your Focused Healthcare Clinical Nurse Manager will be your advocate and will liaise with the package commissioner and allied professionals on your behalf when required.

We have experience in supporting families in the journey to the end of life. We understand the stress, pain, anxiety and heartache families face and will advocate and work in partnership with you to ensure your journey is guided and supported even at times of darkness when, as a family, you are going beyond what is expected from you.

We have a 24/7 on call service and we will always endeavour to replace your carer with a regular carer who knows your child. All carers are aware of the importance of commitment and continuity. However, where in exceptional circumstances we may be unable to cover, your care plan will provide for safe practice to be followed.

All carers have bespoke training. We have a Clinical Education Team that assesses carers prior to meeting your child to ensure they have the relevant skills, knowledge and experience. Our Clinical Educators will then introduce the carers to your family and undertake individual competencies.

Focused Healthcare considers any complaints received important as it is a reflexion on standard of service we provide and our reputation. A complaint, as well as having professional implication in relation to nurses and carers may also have implication for the safety and protection of the family.

We will accept complaints verbally, followed up in writing in the form of a letter, fax or email as well as complaints by third parties on behalf of the child or young person about a family member.

No complaints will affect delivery of service and in all cases Focused Healthcare will support the complainant ensuring they are protected and not victimised or discriminated.

All families are asked to complete a performance assessment on the service provided by Focused Healthcare every three months. Assessments are discussed by the Registered Manager in Clinical Management meetings and feedback is given to the families.

Families also complete a performance assessment on the carers provided by Focused Healthcare following their 1st shift and regularly thereafter which are monitored and discussed by our nursing, compliance and rota teams and go towards annual appraisals.