Focused Healthcare

Is an innovative specialist paediatric healthcare company. We provide care services to children and young people with complex, acute and chronic illnesses that are dependent on modern day technology and have conditions that are life threatening or life limiting which may result in palliative care or end of life. We also support families with children and young people who have learning difficulties, disabilities orchallenging behaviours.

Our people have extensive experience of working with CCG’s, local authorities, case managers and families to evaluate service user needs, safeguarding risks, providing ongoing assessments and implementing appropriate care plans.

We provide a team of clinical nurse managers, paediatric nurses and healthcare assistants who are highly skilled in the intricacies of caring for children and young people in their own homes and other community settings such as respite homes, hospices, adventure playgrounds, special needs schools and foster placements.
We look forward to working with you,

Nicki Nicholls RSCN
Director of Nursing and Clinical Governance
Registered Manager and Responsible Individual

Focused Healthcare is committed to the philosophy of Every Child Matters and the five outcomes for children, Be healthy, Stay safe, Enjoy and achieve …
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Focused Healthcare is registered for Nursing and Personal Care by the Care Quality Commission and holds ISOQAR certifications…
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Our recruitment procedures are comprehensive but reflect the fact that we work within the UK Paediatric Healthcare arena…
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The company is professionally led by Nicki Nicholls, RSCN, ENB 160, ENB 430, ENB998, Director of Nursing and Clinical Governance…
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Children’s complex health care

We supply bespoke health care support packages for children and young people with life limiting, life threatening and complex health needs enabling them to lead an enriched quality and fulfilled life.
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Young people and transition

Working with allied professionals we ensure children and young people with complex health needs are optimally equipped and supported to enable them to live fulfilling adult lives at the time of great change.
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Social care packages

We supply bespoke social care packages for children and young people with learning difficulties, disabilities and challenging behaviours supporting independent living in the home and community.
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Specialist care

We have over 30 years experience of providing specialist services such as community school nurses, specialist care workers training for centres and carrying out independent health needs assessments.
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Respite facilities

We are developing a unique children and young people complex health respite care centre in London with the focus on family enrichment, personal achievements and fun.
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Palliative care

Our specialist clinical paediatric nurses have vast experience of working with allied professional teams to meet family wishes and needs where palliative or end of life support is required.
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Our vision is to making a difference to the lives of vulnerable children and young people with life limiting, life threatening illnesses, learning disabilities, difficulties and challenging behaviour embracing the philosophy of holistic individualised care plans for all.

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